Yes, that’s me. I am the one who is stuck in the rut right now. The last couple of weeks, possibly the last 1-2 months I have been having this “stuck-in-the-rut” feeling. A douse of tiredness and a pinch of jadedness has crept in. Work has been piling up and I can’t bring myself to stay focused on the multitude of tasks at hand.

This is always the case with me – I get tired, I feel the weight over of my shoulders and I cave in. Not sure if the neck pains I have been experiencing these last few days have been a sign of stress or just bad posture. Maybe its a little bit of both.

It doesnt help also things at home have been…different. The little one has been away from school since mid May, and only today he got to go back to school. That’s roughly 6-weeks of mommy and daddy (more mommy!) taking care of him. I have to admit there were times I just wanted to chokeslam the little bugger but I am glad in those moments, I didnt lash out or do anything to him.

Anyway just trying to pull it all together. Just last week I dug deep to see the issues and painpoints that my team was going through and I managed to salvage something out and present it to the client. Thanks be to God the client found my approach to move things forward with the UAT testing acceptable and hopefully that also gives the team some traction to move.

I used to have this saying many many years ago when I was back in Windsor – dark clouds come, but they never stay on forever, they eventually go and they give rise to the sunshine – you can’t perpertually experience dark clouds forever. Every cloud that comes, will eventually rain and it will go away. I suppose I just need to persevere, to hang on and just make it through.

One step at a time, one day at a time.

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By Martin


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