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Pregnancy Daze


“This pregnancy is definitely going harder than before man” wifey lamented to me as we were walking to buy lunch. I nodded, agreeing with her that indeed this time around, it was indeed harder on her. In fact I have been hearing this for the last week or so – the nausea, the fatigue, the avoidance of certain kind of smells, the cravings for zhi-char type of food, all bundled up...

The Day He got Smacked


He was getting out of control. The last few weeks, he was getting out of hand. The constant winnings, the incessant buggings, the cheeky defiance was slowly taking a toll on his parents. We knew he was just being difficult for the sake of doing so. Having already shouted at him once in the car over the weekend as he kept bugging his mother about frivolous matters and just basically being a pain...

The Day I found out…again


It was a busy Friday for me. I hate being busy on a Friday, but it was a busy day anyway. From calls and teams to take and manage, to worrying about the status at work, I was swamped with anxieties. It was day 16 of wifey’s post ovulation phase. We usually get nervous and jumpy around this period because we know its “Results” day. Did wifey get her BFP. And in all preceding months, we were often...

Goodbye 2021


Twenty twenty-one will soon be ending in less than an hour. I realized I didn’t get to blog much in 2021 – or rather as much as I would have liked. When I looked back at 2021, I look back with mixed feelings – 2021 was a very mixed feeling year for me if I could some it up. To say things were bad would not be correct because when things were bad in 2021, they did take a turn for...

Waiting on the Lord – Moving to the Red Dot


This continues on with the ongoing series which I started last month. July 2015 would be an interesting month in my life. I wrote extensively about how I was leaving the consulting world and would be taking up a “dream role” in a prominent bank as Head of Org Design – even just thinking about it now, 6 years later gives me a shiver in a spine – not in a bad sense, but in the sense...


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