A one-week breather


Apologies for not continuing with my follow up Part 2 of the Circuit breaker post from before. Work has been keeping me quite busy and to some degree stressed as well as I wade my way around through this new operating model that was introduced earlier this year. What a crappy and shitty time to introduce it – given how uncertain the current economic climate has had an impact on all of us.

But in the midst of all this, having completed MOST of my work (seriously work will never end so why bother trying to really complete everything I sometimes wonder), I decided to take a 7 day break from work just so I can breathe and recover abit from the fatigue of work. Yes, even though I have been working from home, the mental stress has been there. It has been challenging.

So starting June 5th, I took a 7 day break to just recharge my batteries and also just gain abit of insight from reading and reflecting. In particular, I have finally pried open Authentic Gravitas, a book I bought some time back before the GREAT move in September 2019, but never had the chance to read it until we moved into our permanent home.

The book has been great, although I had set some targets to complete certain chapters (and I have miserably failed!) I have found the book to be really illuminating particularly the whole IMPACT Model that Rebecca Newton talks about in order to build gravitas. The key lesson for me – I need to think and take some moment to reflect on what would I want my audience to go away with before I even start my slide-in other words, to learn how to be more intentional.

Other than reading, the days have been great – Friday was spent getting my 34-inch MONITOR installed in my study as well as mounting a couple of remaining (finally!) furniture in the house. We spent Saturday in Potong Pasir getting some provisions and DIY items for the house and Sunday (as always) was spent watching mass in the morning and we went for our usual walk around the neighbourhood with the little one going on his balance bike.

Monday was an awesome day because it was when the little one resumed his schooling. I gotta admit I was excited to see him go not because it was time to get rid of him but I also did want some level of normalcy to return back to my family after the 9-week CB exercise. It took a toll on all of us though wifey reminds me that we didn’t actually fare that badly. Some positivity for me I suppose!. Seeing him go to school brought alot of joy to me. We then spent our mid-morning at Albert Court getting provisions for the house (i.e. snacks) before heading back to pick the little one from school.

Today was also a good day. After dropping the little one we went to our bank to settle the little one’s CDA account so that we can keep track and monitor the account online. It has been quite cumbersome to settle this for the last couple of months but glad we got to do it today.

And so I still have some remaining days left – not alot actually but I hope to start planning and preparing slowly for my important meetings next week. My boss has given me some tasks to work on and get back to him when I am back on my leave and that’s been on the back of my mind of late.

All is well at the end of the day – just gotta live it one step at a time!

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