A different kind of November


Lately friends at work have been telling me that time has really flown this year. Indeed it has and what a year 2019 has been so far. There have been many ups and downs chronicling this year and although the year is almost coming to a close I still feel there are a few more things left to be uncovered in my life.

Yes we are in November. November typically has never been a great month for me over all these years. Too much things need to happen at work because December will be abit of a lull period as most of my clients would take time off and clear their leave.

But for us consultants, we continue the grind. It never ends till one leaves the project and even that too respite is often short lived before you get hauled back to take on another project.

This November however is going to be an interesting month. When the time comes more will be revealed but for now I shall leave it as it is. As I said the year of 2019 isn’t quite done with me yet.

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By Martin


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