With God, Nothing Is Impossible! Part 1


I realized that my last few entries have been very faith driven. Well I guess the reason for this reflects the situation that I am in ; a situation where you feel you have done your best, you have given your everything and yet things are just so hard for you. All around you, Giants are trying to devour you and bring down your spirits. I had the opportunity to watch a very powerful movie called Facing the Giants during my commute rides to work and back. The movie for me was quite apt and it really inspired me to dig deeper ; first to remember those moments where God really delivered me when all seems impossible. Yes I have had those moments in my life!

The problem with that, as what I wrote in my last entry on Peter and his doubting faith despite seeing the Master perform miracles in front of him, is that like Peter, I too sometimes doubt. It isn’t that I don’t love God or anything like that. Rather, the question “Can I really be sure God will deliver me?” tends to often loom into my mind.

Which brings me to my 2nd reflective point : You don’t give up on a God that Does Not Give up on you! While I know this deep in my heart, too often the howling winds and the treacherous weather clouds my firm trust in my God. But that’s the whole point of building faith and trusting in God isn’t it? So that during stormy seasons, we can lean on him and see His glory unfold.

And so I guess I would consider the next few entries that I am gonna write over the next few days as sorta of a “taking-stock” of God’s wonderful blessing on my mind. I find that I do get much strength when I am reminded of God’s saving grace in my life. Just as how God had spoken to the Israelites, reminding them that He delivered them from Egypt and that He is their God and for them to trust in Him, in a way writing all this down is somewhat similar. It’s to remind myself of what God has done and what more He can do in my life.

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