Where’s all my writings??


In the last post, I mentioned rather audaciously that I would need to focus more on reading, reflecting and writing (3Rs of some vague sorts) but alas that has failed. In fact, I failed so badly I didn’t even do one entry during the month of December in which I usually write a reflection piece during Christmas. This time around, there’s nothing!

Actually, that’s not really true. I have written a number of entries which I have wanted to post but just never got the time to do so. Yes, it’s a feeble excuse even as I type it – to say that I haven’t had time to post them up. But perhaps I should do justice to this entry before I start my “backposting spree” to just say a few words on how the last few months have been.

November to December has been an extremely busy period for me both at a professional and personal capacity. At the work front, I have been busy trying to stabilize my team of greenhorns into their respective roles as I grapple with the larger scope that I have been handed with. It has been physically and mentally daunting at times to cope with the copious amount of demands that have been placed on my shoulders. But thankfully the clients have been great and supportive, considerate of the additional demands and more importantly they have been patient with me as I stumbled to bring my team together while working on an aggressive timeline.

At the same time, I had started on my application journey. Originally I was supposed to apply to 3 schools but that soon expanded to 4. So during the month of December, I started my application in all earnestness – applying to Wilfrid Laurier, Queens, Ottawa and Guelph for admission to their MSc Program, which is a nice prerequisite to do Ph.D. If you don’t already know, this would be the first time I would have ventured this far into my doctorate studies journey. In the past, I would venture as far as making inquiries and writing my GMAT. This time around, I have gone as far as I can in the application process and it would be another couple more weeks from now (end February) before I hear from them on the admission outcome. I hope to be accepted by all 4 universities and should I get accepted by all 4 I would probably choose either Queens or WLU as they both offer 1 year MSc management programs which is just perfect for me.

The GRE was an absolute nightmare for me. I found myself battling against silly math questions which have no bearing on my abilities as a Ph.D student. Besides I found that testing me on high school math is just bottom line silly. I hope the unis will not pay great attention to my somewhat average GRE scores but instead give more weight and consideration to my Undergrad and MBA academic performance.

As I said earlier, I have actually written a couple of pieces which have been safely stored on my simplenote app. In any case, I will find some time to post up those entries (yes there’s even a half-baked Christmas entry that I started on by never got to finish). So in no order, over the next couple of days I hope to post the following entries:

  • In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit – How my Son is now recognizing Jesus, the Rosary and Prayer
  • How Avoiding Mortal Sin is saving my marriage – an interesting entry
  • Jesus Christ is alive – that’s all that matters – My Christmas entry!
  • Switching Over to Android – My move from an iPhone to a Samsung Note 9
  • A history of my experience with mobile phones – a chronological entry

These are the posts I hope to backdate and have them up in this blog. Speaking of blogs, I sometimes wonder if blogging is truly becoming a thing of the past considering now there’s the explosion of Social media. Regardless, I just realised that this blog is now 10 years old! 10 years old! Wow and I have just been writing and writing. I should defintely take a backup of all my entries just in case…


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