Where have you been?


That’s the question you must be asking in your mind. Yes, its been a while since I have blogged or written about anything in recent time. November is always an interesting month – simply because this is the month that is gearing toward the end and I often find myself busy trying to meet my work commitments to round up a good and busy year. It’s also the time where my web hosting service is due for renewal and I often find myself asking whether I would like to continue on. After careful deliberation, I always end up renewing. Its far more costly to lose 8 years of memories (or whatever bit I have of my life in those years) then to save a couple of bucks. At least that’s my rationale and justification.

In any case, yes I have been busy. On the work front, I have completed almost 4 months now, just 2 months shy from my official confirmation. The last four months have been interesting to say the least. I wouldn’t completely say that I am satisfied and fully contented with the way things are, but neither would I say things are awfully bad and my world has just collapsed on me.  I guess I will have more to reflect and type on my work situation one of these days.

On the other hand, the wedding bells have started to toll. Yes, yours truly is finally getting married and tying the knot. That too, has been quite an interesting and eye opening journey. There were moments where anxiety and worry did fill my mind, but overall,  thanks to Ms Somewhat and also to prayer, somehow I have managed to thread alone and focus on preparing on the wedding. We have started on a couple of initial planning and I have even put in some deposit on some areas too.

To be honest, I have actually been writing from August up until October. Its just that I have not been able to publish anything due to the lack of time. My internet at work has blocked access to my blog so most of my writings have been saved in word documents, all ready to be published. Just need to find that time to hunker down and publish all my pre-dated entries.

Interesting enough, in the last couple of weeks, I have also been so interested in Lego. I actually bought 2 sets (the largest I have ever owned to date) in the last few weeks and the experience has been so thrilling. I guess I should take some time to also blog about my lego experiences as an adult now. It definitely does offer different vantage points (some almost philosophical!) as an adult and I will write about those points some time soon.

I guess those are the major updates I have for now. Definitely a lot more to write and reflect on, particularly on my career and work situation experiences as well as my wedding plans and my march onward to my marriage vocation.

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