When truth is not really ugly


Perception, like anything else plays an important part in how we make sense of the world. I learnt this during my college years, and this philosophy of mine became more concrete as I matured into adulthood. My mum used to always tell me that people’s opinions are like the wind, today they blow east, tomorrow they blow west.

Having said that then, we all know that in order to improve ourselves and our well beings, we need something known as feedback. Of course self-reflection and ruminations are also important mental aspects in helping us grow and mature in our thinking and behavior. Yet, feedback also plays a pertinent part in one’s development.

But sometimes, getting feedback…well it’s not what everyone wants to proactively seek. Why? Cuz it’s probably gonna be bad news and I guess most people can’t deal with it at that point in time. To me personally, in my working years I have tried to seek feedback from my superiors from time to time.  Not so much that I crave for it, but I feel it’s always good to know where I stand, and where I can make improvements.

Does it hurt? Absolutely yes…well at times it does hurt. But sometimes the truth is what we need to hear if we want to improve ourselves. Truth by itself will always hurt, simply because it points to our flaws. And if you think about it, it’s a good thing! If truth is skewed (which I believe it is since everyone has their own philosophy of truth), then what’s the point of knowing the truth other than just patting ourselves in the back and justifying our “mis-perceived” actions as being “good”.

Truth need not always be ugly. With the right frame of mind, and the correct attitude, truth can actually help us grow even further, in a way, truth can “fast-track” our development and maturity. But yes it will be painful, but again remember how I said about perception in the begining? Truth, if we percieve it to be painful will be painful. But if we apply meaning to that pain ; to use that pain to grow, to become a better man, then truth doesn’t become as ugly as we think.

Incidentally, Lie to Me is one of my favourite TV shows. 

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