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I had a number of ideas I planned to blog this week, but as always, most of my ideas get shelved. Why? Cuz of work, plus on the fact that I had started recovering from a nasty flu earlier this week. The flu is still there, but I hope I am getting better. I guess what I really need to do is to focus on taking my medications regularly and keep at it till my flu goes off. What usually happens is once I find myself improving, I would just stop the meds, only to realise that a few days later, my flu is back.

On the brighter side of things, my brother will be staying with me over the next 6 months. Yay! At least there is someone else at home. While I do enjoy living on my own and all that, sometimes I feel it’s nice to have another person around.  At least your weekends do not feel that lonely! So I am definintely glad I have him around for this time.  And also it felt great returning back to Lifeline after nearly one month of absence. It was wonderful to see my core leaders after so long and to just enjoy the company of my own cell group members! I was pretty happy with the fact that we did something which I learned from the In Between Sundays podcast, and that is the 3Js – Junk – Joy and Jesus Moment. 

I noticed most of the members had no issues sharing their 2Js, but when it came to Jesus moment, alot of them thought hard about it – some couldn’t even really recall a Jesus Moment , which kinda made me think that perhaps the reason why they were struggling with it is because maybe they didn’t really stop to think about God working in their lives, and to a certain degree, I don’t fault them simply because sometimes it is difficult to see God in the midst of our daily affairs. It’s only when the weekend rolls by, when we take a “break” from work is when we then can keep time for God – But I guess this is not a healthy relationship at all. How can we say we long for God and want to draw close to Him when we can’t even see him working in our lives each day? – Oh well, I guess this is a topic for another blog entry sometime in the future! But whatever it is, it really felt good to be back in my youth group after nearly a month away!

The Week ahead….

There are a number of things which I need to see to this week. And one of the most important things on my list is to actually get to gym this week. I feel kinda bad that I couldn’t hit the gym this past week due to my cold, but hopefully the coming week I will be able to make up for it.

The next thing is of course my work. I have a bunch of things to settle and I hope to get the draft of one my deliverables completed by the end of this week! Also I need to submit my claims! I just realised a few days back that I still have not submitted my expense claims for the month of May and June! So hopefully that one can be done by tomorrow itself!

And probably my 3rd to-do item would be to draw closer to God! I realised that my faith meter over the past couple of weeks have been an all time low record. I guess it’s to do with my work (the stress) and my health (I had food poisoning 3 weeks back, and my recent flu sickness). Trying to juggle it all and keep your balance can be difficult and I realised that during this whole time I had been quite distant from God. Even though I did manage to attend daily mass on Friday, I still feel far away from Him. I do realise He is around, but sometimes I feel it’s more about me than Him – whether I WANT to want him,  as I wrote in my previous entry.  But I believe it all starts in the WANT, in the desire to want to draw close to God. I have always believed that God has been there with me, through both the good times and bad times, and usually I can only go so much without returning back to Him, just like the prodigal son.  So that’s my 3rd to-do item. Probably I would start by reading the daily gospels, praying the rosary (for each day) and attending mass sometime this week, and possibly going for confession as well!  If you’re reading this, please keep me in your prayers this week!

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