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I just returned from yet another wedding last night.  This will already be my second wedding in the year, the first being my brother’s wedding which happened in April and this time around it was my sister-in-law’s sister wedding. And in two weeks time my dad will be having his wedding, so 2 weddings in 1 month, 3 weddings in total for this year! And looking down the road for this year, I will have to attend some of my friends’ weddings as well. I think all in all, this year alone I will be attending around 5 weddings!

Looking at my own sibling preparing himself for marriage made me realize that it’s more than just the wedding day itself, it’s more than just that fancy gown, or the attention being focus all on you. As they say, a wedding is just one day, but a marriage is a lifetime, I find that to be very true. I have encountered some people who have just looked at wedding purely from a socialistic point of view (i.e. – making a guest list of who to invite, where to have their photo shoot, what dress to buy, what should the groom wear, what the theme of the wedding should be.) and while I do try to ask them whether they have thought about the whole idea of marriage (i.e. – living with the same person for the rest of their lives and being with them through thick and thin), most just shrug and don’t really give a straight answer.

Oh well, we’ll see how that one works out!

For me personally, I am not ready for marriage. I thought I was, but I am definitely not ready at all. And partly maybe could be because of the obvious fact that I have not found my significant other yet, but also another part of me is still afraid of making that commitment at this point in time. I personally feel I have some more things to accomplish in my young adult life before I look into marriage. Perhaps this is why I am also shying away from relationships…

Other things

  1. On to other matters. I have actually made a list of stuff I would like to blog about, just random casual observations which have been stuck in my head for some time now. Lets hope I get sometime this week to materialize them!
  2. Speaking of this week, I will be off for my FIRST official company training for 2 weeks! The good news is I have heard this training is not that hard and it’s pretty relaxing actually, as the objective is more to get the participants to network with one another, however the crap part is this training is in KL itself, so boohoo, no travelling plans for me!
  3. Hopefully I will be able to spend more time on my blog during the next couple of weeks. I have plans to change the theme of my blog and give it a more sassy feel and look. It’s been a while since I tweaked anything on UncannyPhilosophy!
  4. My brother, who I hardly get to see will be staying with us for the next 6 months! (July – Dec 2010) as he will be posted for his practical neurosurgery training at a local hospital here. This is awesome news for us all! I am definitely looking forward to having him with us!
  5. I have been hooked on this new podcast called In Between Sundays. I really love the show and I guess the main reason behind my devotion to it is because I really love seeing young adults developing an interest for their faith and actually sharing their faith experiences with others. Check them out here . The Padley brothers are really awesome! In fact I am so into this show I even ordered a t-shirt so that I can help get the word out over here at Lifeline Ministry. And yes, I have their app on my iPhone 🙂

 That’s all for now. More stuff coming up soon so stay tune 🙂

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