Very much alive, very much busy


This is definitely not the first time that I have written a header with a title that is similar to the one above. So far, despite the ever-increasing spread of COVID-19, the family is somehow doing ok. Personally, while physically everything has been so far so good, at a mental level the virus outbreak has somewhat taken some hit on my mental resilience. I think the thought of project stopping and whether this would translate into another hit on my promotion has been very much weighing on my mind lately. Yes, I know I should be fortunate that at least I have a good job and a decent salary, but the thought of missing out on my career progression (once again) sometimes do haunt me.

But I also know there is little I can do at this moment, except to just live it one day at a time and keep busy and also adopt a positive mindset. Yes, a positive mindset is what I need – I suppose given everything that has happened in the past, a part of me has gotten tired, jaded and perhaps just a teeny weeny bit resigned to life. I must catch myself to not fall into this trap of spiral depression and gloominess. We will get through this and I must carry on.

And so the only way to do so is to keep busy and focus on my work and other things. Keeping a regular momentum or routine of some sort maybe does help although it’s hard sometimes to keep a routine. But I guess enough excuses, I should just keep going. This weekend I manage to take some days off to just “reset” myself given everything that has happened. I do plan to do some reading and reflection to help myself with this reset and refocus. Hopefully, it would be a productive endeavor.

Onward. That’s the only way. Onward.

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