Uncanny Philosophy turns 5 – An interview with the author


Bear with me – I love writing stuff this way at times as it allows me to look at myself from a 3rd person view

UncannyPhilosophy is a blog that started way back in 2008 by the uncannyman with the objective of capturing “ruminations of the daily life” another fancy way of saying  to journal daily thoughts and life. 5 years have then since passed and we recently caught up with the blog’s owner, The Uncannyman to catch his reflections and thoughts over the last 5 years.

Well First off, congratulations on holding a blog for 5 years! Most blogs these days don’t even last that long! How do you feel about it?

Well thank you for the compliment, indeed it’s hard to believe that I have kept an online presence for this long. Actually my days of blogging can be traced back to 2005 when I still still a student. Unfortunately I had lost my backups some years back of my old blog and as such my entries only date back to 2007-2008. I honestly have lost track of time – didn’t realize I have been blogging this long all this while

So how many posts have you written so far?

The last I checked – it was 225 posts over a period of 5 years ranging from all kinds of topics – politics, to love, to reflections of life and so on.

What made you start UncannyPhilosophy in the first place? And why UncannyPhilosophy for a name of a blog?

As I said I started blogging way before uncannyphilosophy was born into existence. I enjoyed writing my thoughts and also interacting in the larger community of bloggers so much so I wanted to be a pro-blogger myself (chuckles). Well I guess that’s what age does to you, you grow up and you realize the more you want people to know you, the less ‘privacy’ you have to write about and the less “REAL” the blog feels at the end of the day. UncannyPhilosophy was born out of that decision – to blog private thoughts which matter to ME and not to follow the current trends of the media or cyberspace. Who cares about Britney having triplets or critiquing about the next best movie now playing in the cinema when there is more to life than just this sometimes stupid world? I realize I loved talking about life in general, I love philosophizing on the everyday life and really challenge human thinking and norms? For a kid at my level (I was just starting work at that time) I often found it hard to talk to people my age about the philosophy of life – it seemed rather wierd for a 22-23 year old kid who specializes in IT networking to talk about philosophy when all his peers are into the next cellphone craze or into other materialistic goods – hence that’s why it became uncanny which lead to the birth of UncannyPhilosophy – a place for me to just wonder at life

And so what have you learnt about life?

If one were to just do a cursory reading of my postings, it can be very easy to think why I can be labelled as a bigot or an egocentric MrKnowsItAll person who thinks he is always right. Truth of the matter is, the way I see it, young people today are more afraid and have depended less on their mental faculties to take a stand on something – many young people I have noticed respond to  their lives rather than take charge of their lives – It’s a fact, just look at how many young people today even have an opinion on anything? They have lost the ability to think critically, to challenge the status quo simply because their minds have become numb. Writing in that sense helps as it forces you to think – not to write just garbage noodle posts, but to write something which your mind can only express in thoughts. It makes tangible the intangible (thoughts to words) which our society has definitely lost throughout the years!

Okay, so besides just observing on your fellow contemporaries, what else have you learnt? What about life in general? Any thoughts there? And how about love?

I was just reflecting a couple weeks back on the meaning of life – what is life really all about? What are we really doing? What is the meaning of life? And I realize as I age through the years (I am hitting the big three zero this year) that to answer that question is extremely relative – you reach the answer to that question based on where you are coming from? In my case, because of my strong religion background, I believe that the meaning of life is to just be a witness to Christ. Why do I believe in that? Simply because I know that’s where my final destination is going to be. When I have breathed my last on this earth, my next breath would be one in the heavenly (or purgatory) realm. Therefore I view earth as a preparation area, to prepare me for God in the next life.

On life…

As such, because of this I think we should not take life to seriously to begin with – we get so frantic about the most stupidest thing in the world, and we get so caught up we forget that there is more to life than just a paycheck, or a career, or our earthly possession. The moment we detach ourselves from all these useless worries and unsatisfying junk, that’s when we really start to detect our life’s purpose and mission. Seriously, you (the interviewer/reader) should try it someday! Try just letting go and being truly free.

On Love…

And finally about love, just remember one thing, and only one thing you need to remember, your loved one, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your lover, your spouse isn’t going to be there forever with you – you were made for God, not so much for your spouse – so don’t get too hung up on who is right and wrong, or who needs to be the dominating one in the relationship – one day your spouse is going to die just like you – so tell me is it worth it? Having said that, because you are not going to be with your loved one forever, cherish those relationships, love your lover like mad, and just appreciate him/her for the gift of his/her personality because, the only thing that will last forever is your union with God, not with your spouse

What’s the future of UncannyPhilosophy going to look like?

As I renewed my domain for another year I kept asking this question as well – where is my blog going to head to? I guess only time will tell!

(C) Uncanny Philosophy | 2008 – 2013  – Celebrating 5 years of musings, ruminations and thoughts

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