This week was supposed to be a good week. A good week in the sense that I was to celebrate 2 birthday celebrations. But alas things did not go as it seemed. Our car broke down last Friday rendering us to be carless for the weekend…FOR THE WEEKEND IN WHICH I WAS TO CELEBRATE OUR BIRTHDAYS – more than being sad, I was pissed but it soon passed (as it most things).

Then came the start of the week beginning with the Mundane Monday. What made this week particularly challenging was the number of things I had to juggle for the week. I had 5 work items to see which were all running concurrently. I had to say, its been a long time since I went through such immense stress (yes till at one point I was having mild IBS!). I had to respond to two BQs, support a new investment project, conduct a Bootcamp to onboard some of the new team members, and also drive the change workstream of a project that just kicked off the week before – it was intense and I really struggle when things all converge at the same time. What’s surprising is that in life, there are such moments that everything just converges and you feel just a tad bit overwhelmed if not very overwhelemed.

I hardly had time with the wife, the kid and I even had to skip my weekly men’s prayer group session just so that I could focus and try my best to clear up things. Even with all my effort, I realized just as Friday was coming to an end and I was wrapping up my boot camp, there were things still left to be done for the weekend. Yes – For.The.Weekend. #nolife anyone?

But like all things in the consulting world, it will pass and it did pass. The week has finally come to an end and though the weekend job looms – gotta finish up one of those BQs – I guess part of me feels satisfied that I had a very productive week. I feel at least I can keep my head up as I hunker down over the weekend to continue up with more stuff.

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