The towers and the new leaf


The KCC twin towers is probably the best attraction whenever I take anyone for a spin in to the city. Even while passing by KLCC, I tend to observe many tourists straining their necks to gaze at the mighty towers. I too sometimes feel awed by it’s imposing 88-story imposing structure, which towers the KL skyline. Along with it’s outer beauty, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to actually work in one of those levels.

I guess I got a taste of it some few months back when I was called in for an interview by one of the firms that occupies an entire level at the Twin Towers. Passing through security reminded me so much of passing through the airport security ; metal detactors, screening belts, security officials. The journey in the elevator was adventurous, if anything – changing elevators in between, stopping in between lifts to city the city come alive, oh and taking a sneek peak at the skybridge – it’s all really exhillarating if you’re going up the towers for the first time.

Tomorrow I’ll be staring my new job at KLCC. Just a couple of days back, we took my aunt out to see the twin towers. We had just finished spending the evening at Aquaria KLCC and we decided to take a short stroll out of the complex and have a view of the towers…with the spotlights.  As we were gazing at the towers, my aunt exclaimed “I’m so proud that you’ll be working in such a place like this, I’ll be proud to tell people that my nephew works in the Twin Towers,”.

My brother nodded and concurred with my aunt.  “It’s really quite an accomplishment man” he quipped.

I was looking straight at studying the finer details of the towers as I took in their words of praise and recognition. A sense of pride did come in me, along with a sense of blessing and gratitude. I knew not many people had such a boon like this, some don’t even have a proper job, let alone a career to build upon.  But that night, I wasn’t really bothered about the rest of the world, I was only interested to know how much God had blessed me. Yes He did take my mother away just a week ago, but He gave me a new start…something to look forward to.

I would be completely dishonest with myself if I told you that I was all prepared and confident of this new job. Even though I will be joining a field where I’ve always felt more comfortable in, I am still filled with some anxiety. Will I make it big here? Will I be able to leave my mark in this corporation? WIll I meet the company’s expectations and vice versa?

And then there’s the issue of employee relationship. Will I be able to fit in with the crowd? How will my bosses and colleagues treat me? I’ve been told that the corporation is known for taking in bright, outstanding and intelligent candidates. My own web-research confirms this as well. I was initially impressed and excited by this thought, but now, sometimes I think whether these bright fellow will turn out to be all cocky and bigots… time will tell I guess for this one.

If there’s any form of consolation and relief, it would probably be the fact that this time around, I’m not entering the corporation as a greenhorn. I’ve learnt a great deal on managing professional relationships and character expectation from my previous company. That will certainly help calm my fears down…

Come what may, in a way my life must continue on…and it continues on in a new uncharted territory beginning tomorrow.

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