The sound of silence


It’s in the silence that you realise the realities around you. It’s in the silence you learn to tune out of the maddening world. And it its in the silence you truly enter the void. The silence drowns everything around you and ascends the you within you . The silence tunes everything out and tunes you up. It’s in the silence you hear less of the world happening outside of you, and more that is happening inside of you.

It’s in the silence that the silence of your heart, mind, body and soul begins to speak, beginning with the body first. From the rhythmic heartbeat that you feel in the midst of company of silence to the breath that you inhale and exhale, you soon start to listen to yourself. And then your hear the whispers of your mind and your heart echoing throughout your soul. Its nothing eerie about it at all as it’s all you. No artificial sound, no self-induced mindless chants – this is as real as the you in you gets. 

From the whispers of the day, that serve as gentle reminders, or at most short phrases summarising the day or the thoughts of your mind, it grows into a conversation. In the midst of silence’s company, you are in the company of another – yourself. You begin reflecting, ruminating and recollecting the day’s events. The heart cautiously validates with the head to see if it is saying or pronouncing anything absurd – the head, digesting messages and conversations from the heart assures that nothing is alien or absurd. After all the head is tired, from the day’s events and the heart, like an understanding partner knows and feels it. All this happens while the body instinctively carries out the task at hand, as though it too has one ear listening to the conversations between the elders.

Then with great resolution, still while being in the mantle of silence, the heart and the head align, together with mind and soul. The silence turns out to be a welcoming catalyst that is required for this to happen. Heart and head are align, and the body responds in union to this alignment and the validation of this appears in the smile of the one who enjoys the silence amidst walking his dog on a trail he takes everyday.

Ah what a precious gift silence can be sometimes.And how often is it so easily forgotten and unappreciated in our noisy and distracting world today.

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