The Quarterly Review PART II


Continuing from Part I

The news from the doctor was generally positive. The tumour was there but its size wasn’t so threatening as thought and the Specialist was optimistic that the prescribed medications should help to reduce the size of the tumour. We were relieved and thankful that the size of the tumour was small. So no invasive surgery would be required.

The next step now would be to monitor the size of the tumour and to see if the meds were having any effect. That would mean another round of blood tests in a couple of weeks to ensure the horomones would have regulated back to the normal range.

We didn’t know what to expect except to just let the meds take their course and hope for the best. We would meet the doctor again in March and this time the news was positive. The drugs had worked and the Specialist was open enough to tell us to “let nature take its course” – another way of saying you can try to conceive again. We were elated with the news, and celebrated our mini positive news with Rosu that evening, and made plans to try to conceive immediately.

Of course, letting nature take its course is precisely that, letting nature take its course so we didn’t really get pregnant within that month. In fact, it was quite humorous to note that the wifey felt all sorts of pregnant symptoms until one day we just decided she should take a pregnancy test. It was also around this time the fertility doc gave us some HCG vials which would help the wifey build more progesterone hormones. It was a new experience for me…to poke my wife with a needle. She actually complimented that she didn’t feel any pain when I gave her a jab!

The result came out negative and we thought initially the strips were old and could be a defect. Little did we know that…yeap there was no pregnancy to begin with. I was open and hoped the next month we could get lucky. Besides the fertility doc did say to give it 3 months before actively conceiving.

And so here we are trying and waiting to see what comes. At the end of the day, I am just leaving it to God to decide. We just co-operate with Him and hope He blesses us with a child. So now, in the ever-so-used-adage that has been the theme of our lives (mine more)…we just have to pray and wait.

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