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Jerry Maguire Pays the price Everything has a price in this life, including the choices we make. The choices we make in life come in different price ranges, some are big and some are small ; for some choices, you don’t pay the price until later on ; for some choices, the price is already waved for you because some kind soul has taken the brunt, and you go on in life without realizing it at all.

In economics, there is this term called utilisation and the theory goes like this : The Utlisation theory describes about making a choice that a) yields the most happiness/benefits, and b) benefitst the majority of the crowd. I marvelled at this theory when I was taught about it in my 4th year economic course.

Nevertheless it is important to remember that SOMONE is paying for it.

Someone needs to bear the brunt of that price, and unless you’re the Governor and you can use taxes to cover up the price, it still lies on someone’s head. Consider the fact of a mother who gives up her career so that she can spend more time with the children. To some that may be the right thing to do, to others, it may not be so. But we’re not talking about right and wrong here so let’s not get into that. There are things in life which will always fall on someone, where someone will be told to be the “better person” and take up the bill for someone else’s flaw. Is this fair? Absolutely not. Is it right? Aboslutely not, afterall it’s not your mistake and shouldn’t it be the other person who pays for it? But should you go ahead and do it? The answer is a surprising, but often confusing yes!

Why is it confusing?

I have always struggled with this notion, between right and wrong, between being kind and being right. I have no issues passing judgement and playing the fairness game when it comes to my acquaintances and people who come asking me for help. But when it comes to my loved ones, the game changes. Suddenly, I feel the “pressure” to be the bigger person, to be the better man, even though in my heart of hearts, I know I shouldn’t just bother and it’s anyway not my fault, so why should I bear the brunt of it or why should I be the better person?

But somehow I am often put in that spot, most of the time against my will. And I find myself, time and time again struggling with this. Sometimes I just give in, and just allow things to happen. But there are times I just long or wished the other party would know how much I am sacrificing to ensure his/her happiness or that the other party would understand and be abit considerate and see to my needs.

Does the price has its rewards?

But that’s not what we’re told to expect, at least not in Christianity, which is why as I mature in my faith, I am finding the Christian faith alot more challenging, and the same time alot more fulfilling. We’re told to do the impossible ; to be kind to enemies ; to be charitable to those who don’t deserve it ; not because it will so much so please God, but it will rather transform us into better people.

When looking at the cross, one can easily say – “what a foolish thing to do, to die for the sins of the world, if he is God, why can’t he just wipe out sin without dying”, but you see that’s not the point – that’s beside the point. The point and I believe this to be true is that God is trying to send us all a message – that there is such a thing called unconditional love, that there is such a thing called being the “better person” and taking up your cross, even if you hate it. While men may not admire or find our acts courageous (or as most often some would just snicker at our efforts and mockingly offer praises), I believe God sees everything.

And God appreciates the little things that we do for others. And the cross reminds us that our efforts are not in vain. Maybe in this life, we may go unappreciated, but I’d reckon the Heavens will be beaming with joy and I believe, sooner or later, God will reward those people – maybe not in earthly monetary things, but in terms of peace and love, which this world can never give. And you know what…it is often the case that these “better people” who do so much more better than those “see-to-myself” people.

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  • well, I believe that it’s always better to be the bigger person…to some extent…but when the other person oversteps the boundaries, then it’s time to set things straight…in a tactful way… (something I should have done earlier on)

    I do appreciate u taking the trouble to be the bigger person…u did a great job at that…i must say 😉

    With hindsight, I believe it was still an awesome trip…despite the little stumbles along the way…coz we did part with something more…enriching and enlightening…



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