the GMAT sucks…and I can’t do anything about it!


Part of my preparation of returning back for masters involves taking a graduate admissions test called GMAT, mind you only if you’re planning on studying in North America, this admission test is required, and frankly, right now I’m in the midst of preparing for it, and truth to be told, it’s not going well. I’ve just started my MATH review in Algebra (yes you read that correctly, ALGEBRAAAA!), one of the many math topics that the GMAT exam covers. It’s just going bad, bad, bad, I guess it’s been a long long time since I’ve really done math questions. No no these are not even undergraduate level algebra questions, they’re pretty straightforward, the main isuse here is when it comes to Data Sufficiency, that’s when it becomes a real pain. I attempted 10 DS questions today and I got a shock of my life when I got all of them wrong, arrrrgh, I guess the reason being simply because I’m just not use to DS type of questions, it’s really greek to me, and to answer it is quite a challenge!

The GMAT exam is definitely pissing me off, it’s like every question I get wrong, I feel stupider, I know I shouldn’t let the negative thoughts infiltrate my mind, but I can’t help but sometimes think “You idiot! You can’t even do MATH, how the heck are you suppose to do Masters?”  That’s the part that pisses me off, I mean I often find myself arguing back “What the freak does algebra and correcting a bunch of sentences gotta do with my research interests and my pursuit of higher knowledge?”

But I guess everyone’s gotta go through it, as much as I think the GMAT is really a waste of my time, I have really no other options, I just want to get it over with I guess and move on.

Oh and my target GMAT score ? :  720 (97th percentile)

Yeah good luck yourself mate… 


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  • Yes, the GMAT does suck. I just took it relatively cold and just scratched the surface of it biases. In my judgment, it is biased against:

    1. Those who haven’t taken crap-content courses that adults out of school never use like algebra, English grammar, geometry, polynomials, typing, word problems, etc.
    2. Older students, especially, since not only have we seniors or near seniors not taken crap-content courses (see #1 above) in many decades, but we don’t do as well in tests where racing though simplistic problems score highest.
    3. Those who have relevant talents that are not readily tested in short multiple guess questions.

    Additionally, in my experience test takers are treated like cattle with additional presumption that you are trying to cheat. I am not sure, but I doubt that I would be fingerprinted more if I was a convicted serial killer. (For the record, I am not.)

    In my test, I was not allowed my handkerchief, eye drops, water bottle or anything except my locker key & ID.

    Additionally, the agreement they foist upon test takers seems to me to be about as even handed as a standard apartment lease.

    My biggest criticism is that I can not see how this can possibly give a score relevant to any likelihood of success in MBA school, let alone the Masters in Taxation that I am actually considering. Either the grad school admissions folk have stock in the GMAT company or their heads are so far up their butts that they can see their tonsils.

    My experience with this moronic test and it’s prison-like atmosphere suggests to me that the GMAT folks are selling to a constituency other than the poor souls who have to take it.

    It is unfortunate that the only constituency with any power in this situation, the business grad school admissions folks have not acquainted themselves with the benefits of competition. I wonder what the test-taking experience would be like if we takers had a choice between tests.

  • Well I don’t agree with Bob at all. Sounds like a case of sour grapes to me. The GMAT is the ONLY sure indicator of ability to cope with a MBA program.

    If you can’t hack it Bob, don’t diss it.

  • Anna Moore, explain please. WHY do you feel the GMAT is the ONLY sure indicator of ability to cope with a MBA program?

    A statement without anything to support it is worthless.

  • Try retaking an algebra course at a jc. If you have been out of school for a long time or didn’t take a huge load of math classes in your undergrad days, it might be the only way to get that basic knowledge back. That’s what I’m doing.

  • AnaMoore that is a nonsense comment, saying that GMAT is the only indicator, indicator of what? are you smarter than me because you scored 100 points higher? or I am smarter than you because I was able to take a very expensive course at Kaplan or Manhattan, I spend more than 20 years of school working my ass off in my science major, so I guess this is not relevant, my GPA is not relevant, my people skills or other important skills that you need in business school. Ana which world you live in?

  • GMAT is a tool used by the system to break your balls and second-guess yourself. That’s what they want you to think, that you are so dumb if you score below 640 that you are not worthy taking an MBA program. They break your spirit before you even begin. Someone came up with this exam to make money and now, through smart marketing, it is established as the most important indicator of acceptance; making even more deniro.

    Well, the hell with you, I will pursue my higher education regardless of my GMAT score and advance in my career as I have been so far without it.

    Oh, and Anna, unless you are an astronaut who needs to solve differential equations within seconds to remain on due course back to Earth, I seriously doubt GMAT is the ONLY indicator you can cope with an MBA program. It’s just another masters degree like all the rest after all.

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