Surviving The Lockdown Part 1


When the news erupted back in early April that the little red dot would be going into a lockdown circuit breaker, I honestly didn’t know what to make of it. For months now, beginning 2 months back in early February, things were already starting to look more worrisome with COVID-19. While my work made plans to get people to start practicing social distancing, I gotta say I didn’t think we were all ready for it. In fact back on in March I was already asking the boss to reconsider postponing some of the board wide client engagements which we scheduled to conduct. We ended up going with those engagements as the clients were also under some pressure I reckon to have these engagements going.

Then the news came in April – the country would start forcing employers to make sure their employees can work from home and soon enough the circuit breaker measures were announced. You would think this would be an easy time for those at work, after all they had some people to take care of them and all you needed to do was ensure you can work comfortably at home. That wasn’t the case for me as I was in the forefront of supporting the leadership team to ensure our guys could smoothly be mobolized. That meant ensuring we get the communications out to them in a timely and coordinated fashion and key announcements were broadcast in concert with their Project Manager’s communications.

I didnt think it would be a busy time for me, but busy I was. Hence that was also why the blog was quiet here despite the voluminous noise that was rocking the world over the last 1-2 months. And no thankfully I was not sick at all during this period, and more importantly I felt very thankful that my study was completed in the nick of time soon after this COVID pandemic started to metastasized around.

But working from home, though I have always yearned and wanted to know what the experience would be like had somewhat conflicted me deeply. Beyond just getting used to working from home, I had to now get used to working from home with a family. That would be a first for me.

More to come.

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