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To my small-circle of readers, first of, I apologize for not updating this blog as much as I would have wished to. My project at work has sapped up most of life over the last couple of days, and by the time it’s time to go home, I’m absolutely drainned out… also I’ve been quite busy with a number of church activities as well, sometimes really I wonder why I do all these things, I mean why can’t I just live a quiet, young-adult normal life?

But I guess that’s just me; from my college days I’ve always found myself getting involved in something or another. And I guess it has just transcended to adulthood. I guess, despite the often over-loaded feeling, I enjoy being active and involved.

But what a week it has been! I guess the whole world is still excited with the whole idea of a minority will now be leading the world’s most powerful and influential country, and I bet you many young people, especially those who have given up on themselves, those who think they’ve no future for themselves, those who think they can never rise up and make a difference, seeing Obama being elected to the White House gives them hope, it inspires them to reach to new heights, to not give up on their own dreams because of stumbling blocks in their lives.

Anyway I will have to abruptly stop here for now.  Have a bunch of other things to see to for the day… life goes on!

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