Returning to prayer


As I wrapped up my work earlier today and drove myself home after a day’s work, I thought about talking to God. Nothing fancy, just a simple catch up. I felt that I had missed Him after so long. The soul gets weary and tired after ploughing through days and days without water. I felt I wanted to pray and get connected back to God.

And so I did just precisely that. I didn’t have much to ask or to pray for – just wanted to be in His presence and enjoy his warmth and love. It’s been a while since I had experienced that and I felt I just needed that one to one moment. And no, there was no supernatural vision or auditory senses to complement my prayer time. It was just a simple recitation of the Chaplet of St. Michael (I have this feeling lately that I have been under attack by the evil one) and the reading of the Gospel.

The reading of the Gospel was an experiential feeling as I found myself contemplating on the Gospel and reflecting my thoughts onto my journal. It was nice to be with God again and to return to a simple form of prayer and communion with Our Lord after so long. There was nothing for me to ask or expect except that I just yearned for His company. Sometimes that’s all you really need.

I hope to continue at least sustaining this simple form of “dial up” connection with the Lord. I do fear that work will once again consume me but like what one retreat master told me at a retreat once  – “Live your faith one day at a time”

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