Recap: December 2007


It’s been a long time since I last wrote an entry to my journal. Well to be honest, I didn’t expect to get any writing in for December and the early part of January. Let’s see *scrolls down to the last entry*  aha, the last entry I wrote was about my mum. Well thankfully she has recovered well, off and on she does get cramps, most probably due to the side effects of the surgery she had in late October. Doctors have and are always reassuring her that there is no major issue and there is nothing to worry about as these things occur quite frequently after a major op.

On December…

December, the month of Christ, the jingle bells, the old classic carols, the frenzy decorations that cover our malls with large gold balls, and shimmering plasticy golden and white stars, well I saw very little of all of that, as I was insanely tied up with work, since when am I not insanely tied up with work anyway?!

Anyway the big project – the Cyberjaya Relocation was a success to say the least, imagine trying to relocate an entire network in just 2 days, yes sleep was sacrified, moods were unpleasant, the air was filled with the stench of toiling sweat, (the air conditioners in the DC were only operational on the last 2 days just before the official launch),   but we managed to bring it up despite the struggles.  There is a famous quote – struggling leads to strengthening , and I think the whole cyberjaya experience fits this bill perfectly. Since the Cyberjaya project, I notice a more relaxed and confident state in me, I don’t jump, I don’t panic and get all worked up as I used to (this is only applicable to work-related stuff, I’m still a worry pot when it comes to other things, sigh)

I finally did make it in time for christmas at home. It was great to spend xmas with the the WHOLE family after nearly 5 years!! I was telling mum how long it’s been and she too was surprised that it has been so long since all 5 of us were at home for christmas, the whole family, ahhh what a wonderful priceless feeling that is. And another bonus was we all went for the midnite mass at our local parish church! Midnight Mass!!! Can you beat that?? And it was awesome; the church was packed; there were a number familiar faces were scooting around looking for a place at the pews,  it was great to see some of my childhood friends from Catechism class at church too after such a long time…

New years however was spent at a friend’s place. Ivy was really kind enough to host the new year countdown party for us lifeliners. It was awesome, people were laughing and playing games; I too found myself got caught up playing chess with Andrew and having a game of UNO with the others. It was really a fun night I have to say 🙂

It’s 1 am now, and I have work in a couple of hours, I’m tempted to write on January, but I think i shall hold it for tommorow’s blog entry.

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