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Yes I am back after being away for sometime from my blog. The truth is, I have actually been away, physically away. I just returned from an exhaustive trip from the East Coast where I was there for almost a week conducting the systems training for my client. All in all it was quite an eventful trip.

I wanted to blog about it (my trip) over the weekend, alas I spent the entire weekend ‘catching my breath’ instead which was a nice gateway. Sometimes it’s just good to get away from all the hustle and bustle work life and just have time to yourself. I know it’s entirely impossible at times, especially if you’re in a critical time at the project, but hey we’re still humans and there’s only so much we can go without a proper good rest.

The week ahead is gonna be busy as I will be wrapping up our last training schedule for our first batch. Truth to be told, I’m glad it’s going to be over by this week. It’s been quite exhaustive to a certain degree having repeat myself back to back weeks for the last 2 weeks. I just hope everything goes well for this last leg of our training schedule. After that it’s back to the ‘lab’ again where I need to sit down and develop the remaining training materials for the final training installment which is scheduled to be in mid April.

Sigh can’t wait for all this training stuff to be over with.

Actually…I can’t wait to get back to grad school.  Sometimes you get so sick and tired of this so called ‘corporate life’. Heh should blog about it one of these days. Ahh well, when I get the time 🙂 It’s already past 12 and I need my eyeshut.

Oh yeah, I bought an iPod Nano over the weekend too! More on that in my future entries which I hope I get around to writing it out!

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