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Surviving The Lockdown Part 1


When the news erupted back in early April that the little red dot would be going into a lockdown circuit breaker, I honestly didn’t know what to make of it. For months now, beginning 2 months back in early February, things were already starting to look more worrisome with COVID-19. While my work made plans to get people to start practicing social distancing, I gotta say I didn’t think...

Very much alive, very much busy


This is definitely not the first time that I have written a header with a title that is similar to the one above. So far, despite the ever-increasing spread of COVID-19, the family is somehow doing ok. Personally, while physically everything has been so far so good, at a mental level the virus outbreak has somewhat taken some hit on my mental resilience. I think the thought of project stopping...



A week has almost gone by since we moved into our new home. Boy, what a week it has been! The last week was extremely eventful and while there are just too many things to write about (and certainly one blog post WILL NOT BE ABLE to do justice to chronicling the week’s event) I thought I just spend some time just jotting down a few quick events that happened throughout the week – in a...

5 things I am Looking forward to


In preparation for our move which will be happening in 2 days time, I thought I take a moment to jot down 5 key things that I will be looking forward in our new home : HOME COOKED FOOD I can’t stress the importance of home-cooked food. For 5 long months, I missed wifey’s cooking and I yearn to have home-cooked food once again. Not only is it healthy, but its also easy on the wallet...

In Nomad’s Land


In 3 days time, we will finally be moving to our home, our first and official family home. This is definitely a significant event for both the wifey and me and also our little one (even though he is clueless as to what’s going on sometimes but rest assured he’s aware of Number 7. Yes, our new home, Number 7. To say the wait has been agonizing for both wifey and me would be an...


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