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the quarterly review Part I


Within a blink of an eye it is now already the end of March of 2021. How the weeks and months flew by was beyond me. But it has definitely been one helluva roller coaster right for these last 3 months. So much as happened that I feel somewhat bad for not even chronicling them down! 2021 has been a rather peculiar year. It’s turning out to be not quite what one would expect. As a newly...

Using the ordinary to do the extraordinary


Water, mud, bread, fish, basket, bathe, spit, wash, stretch, rise. All common elements that God uses to achieve the supernatural. The gospels are full of them. In every miracle, Jesus performed he didn’t use big magical stuff or fireworks to bedazzled his audience or crowd. He didn’t even require the other patient to have deep and matured faith or be well versed in the Torah or be...

Starting the year with Shingles


And so I am starting 2021 with Shingles. Yes, yours truly by some mysterious way contracted shingles (actually not very mysterious because I have had Chicken Pox before but that was more than a decade ago) and man does it hurt. Its also a very sucky time for me to be down with Shingles because not only it is contagious (to those who haven’t yet contracted Chicken Pox) but it also limits me...

Goodbye 2020


Twenty Twenty. What an epic an eventful year it was. Ask anyone 5, 10, 15 years down the road on what they could recall of the 2nd decade in the 21st century and many without a doubt would tell you about the year that we were hit with the pandemic. Yes – COVID, pandemics, deaths, resurging waves, job losses, black lives matter and vaccines would be the headlines that would dominate 2020 as...

LIFE in the time of the corona


I started 2020 without much optimism apart from looking forward to a new home to move into and have a tabula rasa moment with the family – to renew, restart and find purpose again in my life. Of course, things didnt pan out the way it was. Covid 19 really changed my life this year. I have to admit I was extremely fearful what would happen to my career as a result of Covid. Having already...


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