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Yes, that’s me. I am the one who is stuck in the rut right now. The last couple of weeks, possibly the last 1-2 months I have been having this “stuck-in-the-rut” feeling. A douse of tiredness and a pinch of jadedness has crept in. Work has been piling up and I can’t bring myself to stay focused on the multitude of tasks at hand. This is always the case with me – I...

Taking it one day at a time


So we argued once again. The same accusations and past grudges were brought up. It was painful to endure it over and over again. For the longest time, the chief complain has been I lacked the care and concern. I am not endearing. In my defense, I have no defense. There is some truth to it, but to hear it over and over again despite me also pulling my weight and bringing home the dough, I couldn’t...

And Then What?


You reach your final destination called Colonia in that epic computer space game….and then what? You finish conquering some quest in the bug-squashing game you are currently playing….and then what? You try your best to solve the problem and deliver your project…while battling all the difficulties and challenges you faced….and then what? You reach that target savings you...

The Quarterly Review PART II


Continuing from Part I The news from the doctor was generally positive. The tumour was there but its size wasn’t so threatening as thought and the Specialist was optimistic that the prescribed medications should help to reduce the size of the tumour. We were relieved and thankful that the size of the tumour was small. So no invasive surgery would be required. The next step now would be to...

the quarterly review Part I


Within a blink of an eye it is now already the end of March of 2021. How the weeks and months flew by was beyond me. But it has definitely been one helluva roller coaster right for these last 3 months. So much as happened that I feel somewhat bad for not even chronicling them down! 2021 has been a rather peculiar year. It’s turning out to be not quite what one would expect. As a newly...


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