One Giant Leap


This year has been quite an experience for me. I never would have thought that I would be involved in so many different things, some painful, some exhilarating, some pure adventurous.
I’ve gone from coping with a loved one who was diagnosed with cancer and passed away as a result of it, to exploring a new hobby (photography); from jumping careers and landing in a job that is different from my past work to finally making the effort to take care of fitness and health.

Yes this year, has been truly an year filled with a myriad of experiences. And given the recent developments in my life, I don’t see any signs of slowing down.

As I write this piece on my bed, stacks of magazines on home and deco lay beside my bedside lamp. Yes yours truly is now into the home improvement and deco design! All this only came about fairly recently when we (my brother and I) decided to buy a place of our own. Yes that’s right I’m going to be a home-owner pretty soon. And the sweetest thing about this property is that it’s an actual house with land by the side, which means, gardening could be a future hobby of mine some day!

But for now, I’m soaking everything that’s related to home design like a sponge, starting with the kitchen! Yes I’m a guy and I’m looking at kitchen countertops and cabinets! It’s really quite interesting to broaden your knowledge and learn about something which has always been thought to be a “feminine” thing. Yes I consider, or at least I USED to consider anything to do with the kitchen or home deco and design to be classified under “women interests”.

But the fact that I’m now into it, I think just goes to show that … well I’m growing up! A year or two ago if you were to ask me whether I would be interested in such things, I would have sincerely said “NOPE!”. But I guess sooner or later you gotta grow up and … in the words of the well-known phrase of Russell Peters – BE A MAN .

There are things you just got to do and see to as you get older. I have to be candid though, it’s overwhelming; getting absorbed into this whole home deco ‘project’. I had spent more than an hour today at the bookstore going through books on home improvement and design.

But I gotta admit, like most of the experiences that I’ve gone through this year, (except for mum’s death), it’s enjoying. It’s enjoyable to learn something new, to read up with enthusiasm in your mind as you try to absorb and understand everything as much as you can.

Tomorrow morning, we are going back to the house to meet up with the agent and I’m going to use the time to study in greater detail on the house and the rooms.

Next year is sure gonna be an interesting one

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