Natural Born Leaders


Some people are just made to lead. I say this with reference to the culminination of my favourite T.V show, Lost where Jack Shepherd (played by Matthew Fox) assumes leadership of a group of stranded passangers who mysteriously crash into an island. Now I have been watching Lost since it’s first season and I have been following Jack quite closely along with the other castaways.  I have to say this : he is leadership material.

The question is, what is leadership material? Why is it that some people can just naturally assume a leadership position while others don’t, even though they are exhorted and encouraged to do so by their peers. In my own career and personal life, I have seen this happen one to many times.  I have often assumed a natural leadership role in most situations where I have been involved. I don’t mean to blow my trumpet here, it’s just a mere observation I have been analyzing and pondering over the last couple of weeks during my training session.

Coming back to the question : What is leadership material? To answer that, and thanks to my religious following of Lost, I started looking back at my own life and poignantly observing the moments I have taken leadership in a natural manner (by which I mean not elected).

I guess the first thing people look out for is confidence. Am I comfortable and confident enough to let this person lead my group and be my leader? People naturally will feel comfortable with those who exude a sense of confidence, someone who you know is in control and is able to provide you that assurance.

Secondly, I would believe is attitude. Leaders are those who are able to conjure up enough energy and inspire their group to achieve something.  He or she has a vision and the individual is able to not only cast that vision, but to also share and articulate that vision to his or her peers.  I myself am often inspired by leaders who can openly share their plans with me and articulate it in a way that exudes confidence and assurance. 

Third I would believe would be that Leaders have a heart. Jack Shepherd was one who cared for his people, though not in an intimate motherly way, but in a way in which you knew you were in good hands and that you felt his protection over you. Good leaders are those who know how to protect their members because they have hold on to that responsibility that it’s their duty to protect and care. Even as a leader myself, I often find myself looking out for my members more than myself, always ensuring they’re involved (although sometimes I often get caught up with the planning I leave this task to my assistant to help me out with this area).

I believe some leaders are made and that leadership can be taught. But I also believe that leadership traits also are inherited and some people are naturally born with it.  These are the Natural Born Leaders. And is with such people, you would often find comfort and assurance in, doesn’t matter whether you consciously agree to it, your subconscious mind for sure does. It’s a human instinct in all of us.

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