Learning from the ‘Elders’


I have to admit that unlike most people who have grandpas and grandmas who will tell them tells of yesterday and impart words of wisdom to their grandchildren, I grew up not having that sort of privellege. Although I had known my grandmother, I had not gotten the chance to really hear stories from her.  And did I ever say that I love hearing stories? Especially stories of experience and struggles, and the lessons learnt – yes especially the lessons learnt from their lives stories.

But I feel blessed to have siblings who do share their live stories with me. Earlier today evening I had a wonderful chance to spend some time with my brother and we had chatted alot along the course of the evening. Well it was more of him doing the talking and me doing the listening. And it was great! Even though the difference in years aren’t that significant between us, I still feel that everytime whenever we talk, or whenever he has something to say, there is always something for me to take away at the end of the conversation. Be it whether we are talking about our life’s challenges, or about faith or even about movies, there’s always something for me to take away. I don’t really know what it is, maybe it’s his insights, which I sometimes diasgree but have come to respect and to a certain degree, accept given his life circumstances and the experiences he has gone through in his own life. And listening to him helps me grow, it broadens my perspective of life, and helps me realise certain truths about life.  And I feel this is important for my own growth.

And I guess that’s how I learn about things, and I really am truly blessed for such wonderful ‘elders’ in my life.

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