Keeping thy chin up!


My last entry was quite disturbing…at least for me.  Usually I am not like this at all.  Of course I do have my “down moments” and “darkest hour” but they don’t really last that long.

Or at least I choose not to let them last too long

I used to have this saying when I was still a university student. It may sound a little cheesy or naive, but it helped me alot during those gloomy days.

Dark clouds do come, but they eventually will go and the Sun will come out again

I don’t expect everyone to adhere to this. I am often asked by many of my friends, even from my new colleagues on how I am able to remain so optimistic and cheerful when things are looking crappy?

There are many wild theories to this. Some, especially those who know me intimately well, will conclude that I’ve always had it my way, call it luck, good fate or whatever, I’ve always gotten things my way. That’s why I am most of the time optimistic.

I don’t know whether to agree with that statement above. I will admit that I’ve always gotten things my way, but not because I pouted or sulked to get it. I worked hard, just like anybody else who wanted a good decent future. I seldom partied and did wild,crazy things during my university years, not because I was an anti-social outcast, rather I had my priorities. (Not trying to sound a bigot here either, just merely stating the obvious!)

And so I joined with the likes of those who reaped the intrisic and extrinsic rewards as a result of the hard work we put in over the course of our studies. I applied to prominent corporations which were noted for their training and reputation and I was accepted in. And I continued to work hard.

Maybe I was just lucky in one of those “at the right time in the right place” situation? I honestly don’t know, but one thing I do know is that I prayed. I prayed hard for a good job and my prayers were answered. Mere coincidence or divine providence?  You be the judge of that.

But during the course of my career, I struggled alot. Being thrown into the depths of the technical world really took its toll on me. I wanted to quit, just like how some of my colleagues were quitting their assigned technical tasks to do something more “businessy”.

But with the help and encouragement of my family, I pesereved, trudging each day and trying trying to read up as much as I can on IT Networking. Eventually I got the hang of it and my proudest day at work came when I got my technical certification. 

To some, my life may not be all that inspring. But to me, my life has been nothing but inspiring. Again not to blow my trumpet, but I take alot of pride in my accomplishments, the things I’ve done, the impact that I have hopefully made in people’s life. I take pride in being able to endure difficult moments.

You may think I’m a typical narrisisrtic person. But believe you me, my accomplishments and success is mandatory for my own survival. I need to be proud of myself, I need to always look back at my accomplishments – not so much to blow my trumpet ala Trump style, rather to proof to myself that I’m not useless, even when I can’t even perform a seemingly trivial task, to proof to myself that I’ve come a long way and that I must continue fighting on for my dreams and ambitions.

Sadly, most people scarcely do this. Some feel by doing this they’re just stroking their ego. You are if you’re flaunting your achievement to the whole wide world and prouncing at every opportunity to just boast. I do it because I need to feel positive and good about myself. Yes I make mistakes, but I use these mistakes to bring about a positive experience from it.

If you’re rolling your eyes reading this, lol I don’t blame you. It does sound mushy and all fuzzy, but you know what, the hard truth is this : it works!!


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