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[NOTE : This is a backdated post which I never got to upload] 

Making the sign of the cross is a big step in any catholic’s life, including young baptized babies. It symbolically marks the child’s journey into entering into prayer and being in the presence of God. It’s a visible representation that God is in the person’s life and that the communication channel to the spiritual realm has been consciously established.

Today, my little one learned how to pray. Previously he knew the action of praying involved putting two hands together – that’s how his Mother had thought him. Well today, his dad took it even further. I stumbled upon a book – Catechism for babies in which the contents cover elementary concepts of the faith.

One topic, in particular, was the sign of the cross. I casually began making the sign of the cross and soon the little one was curious to see my hand gesture movements. One word and my hand was on my forehead, a couple more words it was down at my chest and shoulders! What on earth is going on??

His curious eyes trailed my every hand movement and pretty soon after 5-6 times its as though he realized I was invoking God because after I had made the sign of the cross I would put my hands together to symbolize its time to pray. He got that second part and soon enough over time and countless repeated sign of the cross gestures, he was able to form the connection between the two – making the sign of the cross and praying.

It was truly awesome to see this happening and I hope these small tiny actions would enable him to build his faith and he matures on with life. But it is truly a great start indeed!

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