Improving my writing

My writing has recently taken a severe beating. I am not sure how this really happened or how it imploded but my writing really sucks. It isn’t really the case that I can’t write well, but beyond that I have been struggling to even pen and structure my thoughts down together and produce a decent writing piece for this block. I find that I have misplaced th necessary skills required to craft a good piece. I think this is due to the fact that my mind has been severely distracted by the demands and challenges at work. Too much stimulation at work which require my attention and energy has left my mind less than capable to pursue creative pursuits (i.e. writing) and has rendered me temporarily incapable to write something of good reading value.
This is really bad. I am honestly anxious as I worry that my writing skills will wither away as I prepare to return back to Academia next year. I worry that my writing will not be of acceptable quality and able to meet the standards and requirements expected from the university.  As it is, even to write this short entry has been quite a challenge for me as I have struggled to put my thoughts in a coherent and structured manner.
But I need to take heart. Writing, like any other skills can be honed with lots and lots of practice. And that is exactly what I need to do moving forward. In order for me to improve on my writing, I need to start writing more and more. I need to rediscover the joy of writing that I once had and possessed. And that needs to start soon.

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