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There have been times when I have not blogged or updated my blog for a long period of time. Now, there are two reasons to this, either I just got too lazy and really didn’t feel like penning my thoughts (which is sometimes THE CASE), or its on the other side of the spectrum : I am just too busy struggling to keep up with the day’s demand that I don’t even have time to write anything…

This time around, it’s the latter. Yes I have been extremely busy this past month. July has been once crazy month for me.  My brother and I bought a new house a couple of months back (heh, yeap I didn’t really blog about that!) and July 8th was our moving-in date so yes it was tiring and exhaustive.  Moving into a new place is really a pain!

Then of course all of my weekends were booked as I was involved in a performance play for my company’s annual event. That too was quite tiring but it was nice to meet other people from the firm and we all had a blast during our rehersals and on the actual day itself.

Then came my work.  The 2nd round of system training was scheduled to kick off starting with Kerteh… and that is where I am right now. The training is abit more heavier compared to our Pilot deployment simply because in the pilot, some of the modules were not ready to be deployed so we could only do a few. Now, with all the modules ready to go, We have to teach all the modules in 2 weeks.

After we’re done with Keteh, then we gotta do Bintulu and that will be in August and then it will go on and on and on

So now you know what I’ve been upto and why it’s been quiet around here  🙂

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  • For some reasons, I feel relieved that blogs that I read are updated only once in a blue moon, LOL. Perhaps that’s because I only have once in a blue moon’s time to blog-hop 🙂

    Anyway, it’s really good to read about updates from friends from time to time, it just shows that we do lead a busy life outside our blogs, and that it isn’t just me, hahaha 🙂



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