I am not kaput


YES I’m very much still around…

I guess from my last post it’s not difficult to tell why I’ve been quiet lately. Work has started pouring in (and sometimes it gets heavy) and I’m finishing work around 7 and it takes me a good 45 minutes to get home, and by the time I’m home, my body is worn out and tired, my eyes refuse to look at a computer screen, my mind isn’t interested in coming up with anything to write… yeah you get that picture 🙂

But I have one confession though : I really do miss writing down my stuff. Not to say I want to religiously blog for the sake of just blogging, but with the amount of things that it’s going on in my life… and that too GOOD and WONDERFUL things, how can I be compelled NOT to blog about them?

I guess it all started with that conference I attended almost two weeks ago; the conference that changed the way I looked at modern life… and yeah this one requires an entry of it’s own 🙂

More about it some other time…maybe tomorrow if I get off work early

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