Happy Birthday Mum


Dear Mum,

I know it’s been a long time since I actually have written to you. And before I forget, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I forget how old you are already, what is it, 63 now? Anyway as they say, age is just a number right? You must be looking lovely as always with all the angels and saints. Did they get you anything? Oh right what kinda question is that?! You probably have everything you need there.

I was just going through some old pictures of you a few days ago. Ironically those were pictures taken during my 1st birthday. You remember that? You wore that red-and-white dress and helped me with the cake cutting. I still remember that cute baby noise sound you made when you cut the cake. Yes it’s on video mum! Haha what were you thinking??

Yeah going through those old pictures made me reminisce and think of you these last few days. I hope things are going well with you. Sometimes I wish you are here ya know, like how you would call me up in the middle of work to ask me how come the emails are not coming through? Haha, I guess you just wanted to hear your baby boy’s voice although I may not have realized it at that time.

I am doing well at work. I recently got promoted and now a full Manager. Yes your baby boy, that same baby boy whom you cheered for so much and told him to make it big is indeed…making it big, or at least that’s what I hope. I wish you were here to see it, to see how all your sacrifices have been worth it all these years bringing me up.  But anyhow I am sure you are getting the best seats in the house watching me with commentary from J.C.

How’s my love life? Ahaha mum I am not sure how to respond to that. Have you been praying for me? I sure hope you are. I guess after the bad breakup I am slowly allowing myself to heal. Finding healing in God’s love is helping me daiy, bit by bit. But I suppose that’s life isn’t it? I am sure you would have gone through heartaches before too. But things are okay now – learning to take it one day at a time, and to look at the silver lining. I am learning to be thankful for each day, for wonderful caring people around me.  Do continue to pray for me alright?

Oh yeah I am also thinking of finally stepping down from ministry work. You remember how active I used to be involved right? Well thanks to you I got involved with ministry work. What? You didn’t know that? Remember how we used to go for Thursday night prayer meetings at church? And how I would copy cassette tapes which had praise and worship songs for you to listen on your way to work?  But yeah I think I am about done with ministry work. Time to just focus on other aspects of my life.

Oh yeah I am sure would have seen Drew? We should have gotten a dog like him when we were younger mum! He’s so so much better than Pixie and I know you loved Pixie a lot, but Pixie makes Drew looks like a saint! Speaking of which, are there dogs in heaven?  I am not sure. He’s such wonderful company to have although he can be quite a rascal at times!

Okay mum, I think I will stop here now. By the way did you ever get to listen to the song “Because You Loved Me?” I have told you right, that song reminds me so much of you. If you haven’t gotten around to listening to it ask one of the saints if they can play it on the harp! I am sure it will sound so beautiful.

I love you…always

Your loving son

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