Gotta live like we’re really living!


Yes I am still very much alive (to the dismay of sum I would believe :P), its just that April has been such a busy month for me. Heh, it’s always busy when you’re in my shoes, it’s either work, family, or ministry. But I do enjoy the “hectic” life to a certain degree, simply because I like being active. I like working on something, whether it’s work, or my church ministry stuff, I like getting involved – in a way I’m living like I’m REALLY living! (heh to borrow the line from from Mr. Kris Allen :P)
Anyway my brother is FINALLY married, woot! Actually it all happened so fast ; just earlier last year, he was courting his now wife, and bam, within 18 months, he has already tied the knot! Pretty fast if you asked me but I suppose that’s what happens when you really trust God and put your hope in His hands. I am really glad for him and I really do like my sis in law too! She’s really awesome and cool to hang out with. Never actually thought I would warm up to her so easily but I am sure glad I did. I think the one thing I really do like about her would probably be that she smiles alot ; reminds me alot like myself, I love the cheerfulness in people, and it’s really great to have someone like her around!

Work is carrying on ; I recently jumped to a new project, which…well I guess I am gonna be honest and say ‘sucks’ cuz there’s just so much to learn and read up. I know I know, probably 5 months down the road, I would be blogging about how much I love my project or at least somewhere along those lines, for now, I am just awwfully glad that I have a wonderful project supervisor (no I don’t think she reads my blog thankyouverymuch!) and a great project manager. I really love the team, especially the team spirit that they have – always willing to help out each other. My PM is just great – I can just casually sit down with him and just ask him anything about the project without feeling stupid or scared! I love it! I love the fact he treats me like a proper consultant too (even though I am almost due for promotion now) ; I love the liberty of being able to plan my own approach and going to my supervisor/manager when I need help. This is the best way for me to work!

Oh well, despite all the busyness, I feel really blessed.  Good job, family is doing well, I love my church ministry and the work we do there – so yeah what’s really NOT to feel blessed about?

P/s – Even in my difficulties the reason I am optimistic is because I CHOOSE to do so. Always remember in life, nothing is forced upon you, it’s how you react to it that makes all the difference. So CHOOSE your day and live like you’re REALLY living!

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