Down…but not out


Lately work has just gotten a whole lot more tougher. Too many things are just coming my way and sometimes it feels like I’m wading through a thick forest. As I wade through cutting down the branches and leaves, more leaves and branches suddenly come out and some of them smack my face! It sometimes can get really weary and tiring to just keep on wading through the branches and leaves. You just eventually burn out and feel that you’ve zapped out all of your energy.

But to a certain degree I gotta say I am enjoying it in one sense. Just learning how to handle the myriads of problems that come tumbling my way, it’s definitely an eye opener and builds good exposure. Experience is always an asset and it’s these problems and issues that help develop and build experience in my job, and believe me, around 70-80% of the problems that come can usually be solved if one has enough experience.

I do enjoy the challenges and the difficulty of the work I do sometimes. As frustrating as it can be and brain-wearing as it can appear, it just gives me that push, the fact that the problem still exists is enough to drive my curiosity up  to the wall and literally force me to just keep thinking of it, finding ways on how to solve it.

Of course it’s always nice to have additional senior help around, which most of the time in my case is somewhat absent as I am the only guy who is “the most experienced” person when it comes to network stuff. Not too sound boastful or stroke my ego, but I sometimes really wish I have a senior network guy around, it sure does help in troubleshooting and seeking second opinions.

Ah well, sometimes not having everything put into place for you is what makes a man and life itself a challenging task to go through every day.

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