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I have to say I’m just too impressed with Him up there. No no he hasn’t blessed me with a lottery ticket or an extremely easy and comfortable life. In fact life for me has been tough over the last couple of days. But I just want to take a moment here, in the midst of all my hectic schedule and buzzing to catch this amazing glimpse of God’s faithfulness.

Too often times what happens is that we do ask for divine help; sometimes it comes, other times it doesn’t ; some will lift their hands with hymns of praise and thanksgiving, others lift their heads to the sky, troubled and weary looks planted on their faces demanding the Almighty give them an answer as to why their misery or pain isn’t over yet.

For me, I try my best to look at every hardship or issue as an opportunity for God to work to me. And believe me this is not my first reaction whenever problems come tumbling, especially if it’s one after the other. It wears me down and tires me alot.

However in the midst of all  my difficulties and struggles, there has been hope and prayers answered, but more importantly and what really strikes me the most, is God’s faithfulness to an unworthy and somewhat so-so holy guy.  I mean at one end, it’s wonderful to see your prayers being answered, but if you look back, and just count the blessings that has been poured out to you, aren’t you so glad that there is Someone who is still faithful to you (even though you and I know he doesn’t really need you) ?

Yet the very fact that He still chooses to be faithful is a thought that just baffles me and at the same time inspires me and brings me to my knees.  I love what Paul writes to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2 :13 :

“If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself” 

What this means in essence is that God, by very nature is a faithful person. It’s just who he is. Isn’t it great to have someone who is 100% reliable in your life? Someone who is there throughout your entire living period? In your ups and downs, your joys and disappointments.

We often look for commitment in others, we want 100% commitment when we assigned a task to a person, we expect total commitment from our family and spouses, well I can tell you person who meets that 100% commitment ; His name is Jesus, and yes you can call him God ;).

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