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This is not going to be a Long entry but I did want to add a few updates to what has been going on with my life so here goes –

  1. Joining a men’s group – lately I joined a wonderful men’s catholic group which has been truly a blessing in helping me reconnect and continue my own journey with God. I even had an opportunity to host some of them last Thursday and we had a blessed and great time bonding over spiritual stuff and our walk with our Lord
  2. Elections! – SG was in elections fever over the weekend. Nothing much to report on this except that the results were expected to say the least. One silver lining though was the main stay’s party view that it cannot afford to be complacent anymore – something I wished my own Tanah air sometimes would learn!
  3. Spending time with the family – The weekend was great. The Long weekend enabled me to devote more time to the family and we even had the chance to adopt a caterpillar which the wifey affectionately called Mikey the Spikey! The bug was more for the little one to start building his curiosity although his parents did agree that maybe he was a tad too young for this! Nevertheless it was fascinating having to see the Caterpillar grow and munch all those leaves!

I think that’s all for now. There are definitely more thoughts flowing through my head but will save it for another time.

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