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I do admit it has been some time since I have last updated. Much has happened that’s for sure. In less than 2 weeks, I head off back to the US and Canada – the last trip I made was in 2012 for training – this time around it will be primarily for leisure although it’s going to be one tiring journey which I am anticipating. The journey starts in New York and from there I will be spending some days in Calgary before heading off to London, Canada. I will also be making a side visit to Windsor where I have been invited to speak at the Odette School (my alma matter). One of my profs there was open to the idea when I visited him back in 2012 and I guess it’s now materialising. I will try to write a couple of lines while I am there – I realised I didn’t get to do that while I was visiting back in 2012, so this time around I will make it a point to jot down a few lines or at least chronicle my “adventures”.

I have actually wrote down or rather scribbled off a couple of topics I actually want to blog about in the near future. Just haven’t gotten the time to come around it and get started. I guess in part due to the fact that I have been busy with work and ministry, not to mention the upcoming trip. Work has been alright thus far ; while awaiting for my new project to start (there have been some major delays with the project) I have been fortunate enough to help out with other projects – yes I used the word fortunate because it has been really interesting to see how other projects work and more precisely how Project Managers respond and run their projects. I say this because I have been sorta “parachuted” into various projects which have been escalated and flagged up in the last few months and I think the key experience for me has not been so much on the solution aspect or trying to figure out how to solve it – rather its observing the response of the Project Managers that I have been tasked to work with.

Getting front row seat tickets to seeing how a Project Manager responds to a crisis has been a tremendous value for me as an aspiring Project Lead myself. The overall experience and getting directly involved with these Project Managers has shaped my view and perception on the nature of work, including how we manage and run projects and the resources that are allocated. Granted I do admit not all of the PMs I have worked with have all been shiny examples, and that’s why the lessons learnt from my observations have been extremely valuable. To see a PM fail and flop has been an eye opener for me on what I ought to do and not do in the future when my turn comes to take the helm of future projects.

Anyway more on my observations in another post. For now, I think I shall stop here and continue on some other time.

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