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It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper-proper update on what’s been happening. Well as you can see, I have redesigned my blog for 2013. Every 2-3 years since 2008, my blog has gone a mandatory change and feel. This will be it’s 3rd change so far, the last one which occurred in 2010 and before that in 2008.

But enough about my blog, moving on to other stuff, I have finally moved onto a new project with a new client – won’t mention the client’s name, but for fun, I will call them YellowOil.  Coming to my 1st month and it has been so far so good. I am only starting my actual project work in May…which is literally tomorrow! In a way yes I am looking forward to it, the chance to once again prove myself and prove my worth. I guess I have learnt a fair bit and from the awesome experience I got in my last project, I am definitely ready to take on the new challenge. The role I will be holding in this project would be the overall change lead.

I just hope to shine and prove myself that I can do it in this project. YellowOil is a big client and making my mark here will definitely go along way. I can still hear the words of my mum ringing when she told me once back when we were walking on the lawns of my university campus – “Make it big son!”….those same words still echo at me today wherever I go. MAKE IT BIG!

Then there’s of course my masters program which I started with Edinburgh Business School. Gotta admit I haven’t been working much on it though, gotta restart the engines soon and get my sails moving. The clock is ticking and I just need to find my mojo and inspiration. It’s a 9 module program which is fully distance learning – something which suits me really well, but aiyoh need to focus and realign my concentration.

Both my “kids” are doing well. Drew is growing stronger by the day and Elly…well it’s amazing how despite being close to more than 2 feet, Elly can still squeeze in his little cave. I tried experimenting with breeding mice as source for Elly’s food but it failed misreably. I started out with 7 mice, and 2 were eaten alive by the other mice…not a good sign. I guess I gotta try again some time later.

And finally, its nice to know that one of my cell group leaders is actually working in the same building as me. It’s amazing how God somehow knows how to put people around me for me to disciple and be discipled  by such people.  At least now, having him around, we can catch up more often and discuss and share our faith as well as strengthen each other in the process. Ahh the joy of small mercies.

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