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I can’t believe how quickly July has gone!! Really, if there has been any month in my life where time flew by ever so rapidly, it would be July 2010! Nevertheless July has been a fantastic month for me. Having just returned from 2 weeks training in June and witness 2 weddings, I gotta say I was eager to start July with a bang, and a “bang” indeed it was for me.

July pretty much kept me busy with work. We had a number of training sessions to concerntrate on, so my first priority was to work on the training materials which required some serious revamping work. I also got a chance to meet up with my intern who will be with the proejct until August.  I really thank God for giving me such a good intern. The guy is just awesome!

Also I just learnt that there is a good positibility that I will be returning back to my former project. This is really great news for me as I really felt that we kind left the project in a lurch,  and just a couple of weeks back, I heard that the client actually wants the team back to help with the change management aspects of the project! Damn, it really feels good when you actually feel “wanted” by your clients, so yeah I am really happy with this news!

Speaking about hectic work, in the midst of all the busyness, it was really awesome to hear my current client affirm me on my positive outlook and cheerfulness this week. This is actually the first time someone from work has actually complimented me on having a cheerful outlook to life. She actually told my project manager that he should keep me in the current project and that she loves my positive spirit, saying that it’s good for the team and it helps the project! Wow, talk about scoring brownie points man! But as always, I really am grateful to God for giving me such a wonderful spirit, a positive spirit which helps others, and not just myself!!

Faith-wise also  has been quite an interesting month for me. I finally decided to use the 3Js format, which I learnt from the Padley brothers in Lifeline, and I gotta say, I am really happy I actually did this. I have heard alot of positive feedback from the group leaders who have implemented this into their cell groups. For me personally, I think my favourite point is actually hearing the members share their Jesus moment, and its really interesting to see how they actually need to take time to really think it through. I think this really helps in building the spirituality of the individual, it forces them to just ponder, reflect and articulate their sprirituality to others around them. One of my fellow leaders also pointed out, that it also helps affirm one another and it allows the members to grow spiritually together which I thought was really true as well!

All and all, I am really pleased with the month of July. And I just hope August will be just as aswesome as July!

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