AS the days go by…


It was just another day when the wifey came to pick me up from work. She usually does this every now and then and whenever she’s out or whenever we are going out somewhere after work. Today was such. As she picked me up from my office I remarked to her – wow its already Friday!

Yes, the days have gone by so quickly. Weeks are now vanishing in almost a blink of an eye! And while I do welcome the weekends with open arms as it does give me an opportunity to relax and spend time with the small fella, I am also half-amazed and at the same time half-worried to see how fast time has flown.

Next week will already be November and I have my project deliverable due very soon, which is worrying and relieving at the same time. Yes, I do hope I manage to complete all the work in time, and its definitely a positive sign for me to see the “light at the end of the tunnel” with the culmination of my work, considering I am juggling multiple projects (not a fun experience!)

But at the same time I am worried whether my deliverable will be a quality piece of work. We are trailblazing at work and while I relish the opportunity to do some cutting edge work, its also disconcerting at times to know whether I am leading my team on the right track.

I know time will tell at the end of the day, but I suppose I need to have fortitude and courage to embark and finish this off.

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By Martin


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