And Then What?


You reach your final destination called Colonia in that epic computer space game….and then what?

You finish conquering some quest in the bug-squashing game you are currently playing….and then what?

You try your best to solve the problem and deliver your project…while battling all the difficulties and challenges you faced….and then what?

You reach that target savings you planned for the year through much savings each month…and then what?

You finally get promoted to a senior position in your company…and then what?

You get that pay that you always wanted, finally feeling that you can provide and save some decent money…and then what?

You manage to conceive another child, something you have longed so much for…and then what?

The pandemic will one day be finally over….and then what?

Truth to be told, there is some restlessness in my heart. Can’t exactly put my finger to it but its there, gnawing and tugging at my heart. I sense its to do with my state of life. Feeling bored perhaps? What is it that my heart desires now? Where am I heading now? What should I do now?

Simple-on-the-surface complex with deeply rooted and thought provoking soul-searching answers. Perhaps I need to take this to our Lord. To talk to him. To just give me me peace.

Lord, grant me the wisdom to know what is right, the courage to do what is right, and the peace to stay in what I feel is right.

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By Martin


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