And So I Come Back


It’s been an awfully long time since I’ve really just blogged. Most of my previous entries were quick entries. You could tell it was lacking something…perhaps these last entries of mine were sans reflections?

Indeed my writings for this month has been sans reflection. I haven’t really had a decent time to sit down and blog. Even right now as I am preparing to churn out this piece of entry, I’m doing it ‘offline’, as in I’m not typing it on my blog as it’s so freaking slow to even open up my own page.

It’s frustrating when you really have the urge to blog and just as you want to pour your hearts contents and crystallize them into words, your freaking blog won’t just load up, no matter how many times you hit F5 (the refresh button).

Anyway beggers can’t be choosers, hence better for me to pen down my thoughts on Word then just conveniently shut down my laptop. Yes I do feel slightly guilty when I don’t blog after a long lapse. I do realize the unauthorized ‘blogging truths’ or the ‘blogging principles’ which states that one should blog when one feels the need to do so.

Well I feel the need to do so every once in a while, but work commitments and other ‘life’ commitments permit me sometimes from doing so.  I guess it’s alright to close one eye and just take it easy once in a while, but let me just say, like all other things; when not done for a long time, it becomes hard to get back to the routine, the same can be safely said about blogging, at least from my humble perspective.

And that’s why in some ways, it’s important to get the ‘blogging engine’ inside of me going and churning out more entries.

Anyway this entry is just to pretty much welcome me back (yes very vain I know!) from my absence of blogging. I’m just glad the 1st part of my project deliverables are over, of course there’s a 2nd , which is thankfully the last part of my project deliverables coming up soon, but alas I’m trying not to think too much about it.

There’s a book I’m reading now; it’s quite a popular book written by Dale Carnegie, and no it’s not How to Win friends & Influence People (although I must say that’s one superb book!) ; the book has to do with how to worry less and live more and it’s quite a practical book. It has about 9 principles, and I think the 1st principle is quite apt for this moment: Live in Day-tight Compartments.

What this simply means is to live today and today only and not worry about tomorrow or yesterday. Like how large oceanliners have compartments in its hull where with a touch of button the captain can shut off compartments completely, likewise we should also learn to shut off our yesterdays and tomorrows. Not to say we shouldn’t reflect on them; in fact it’s good to always draw from yesterday’s lessons to prepare a better tomorrow, but there’s a difference when it comes to getting all worked up and worrying uselessly about yesterdays past and tomorrow’s future.

I will close this entry with a quote from the chapter : Our main business is not to see clearly what lies dimly at a distance, rather to do what clearly lies at hand

Live your live to the fullest, but at one day and one step at a time!

P/S – It felt good to blog the last bit of this entry, truly felt like myself again 🙂

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