An Unexpected Walk of Faith – Prologue


Over the last few weeks, I have been diligently attending mass at Novena Church down Thomson Road. The fact that its hardly a 3-minute walk from where I work and there are 3 masses celebrated throughout the day has been the best blessing I could have asked from God. Singapore has always attracted me that way – the accessibility of the faith.

As I am on paternity leave this week, I had managed to make it for mass this afternoon. I have always been appealed by the Redemptorists. Their preaching prowess and their ability to captivate the faithful with the elegant and eloquent homilies have often been a draw and inspirational to me. In fact, so much so growing up as a family, we would look forward to the Redemptorists mission weekends where they would organize weekend-long seminar programs and we would attend them diligently. I suppose it was also due to the influence that the Redemptorists had on my mother during her youth (I would later discover that my mother actually volunteered for a period of time  at the Redemptorist parish in Bangalore during her tertiary educational years!)

As I took my seat quietly at the side of the aisle on the left side of the church (my prefered spot during noon masses) I began to just reflect on my own faith journey as the priest shared on the importance of the mission and how it builds up the church and the faith. My thoughts trailed back to once-upon-a-time when I too had begun my journey of faith, almost nearly 12 years ago.

And so it is with this intention I plan to write some thoughts on how my faith journey has been throughout the years. From my early infancy of “Rediscovering God” to serve as a youth leader to personal tragedies and disappointments and finding Opus Dei (another spiritual rebirth for me)  – all these milestones of my supernatural life have left a deep impression in my spiritual soul.

Its time for me to write about them in some parts.


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