A year later…


A year later,

How things have changed,

From losing almost everything in life,

He has restored me; mind body and soul.

A year later,

A new home to be thankful for,

A car that finally won’t drive me insane,

A child that can now tell me how he is feeling,

A boss that came through for me every step of the way,

A career I can finally be proud of.

A year later,

things look so different from what it was a year before,

Much to give thanks for, much to also hope for,

Counting blessings, a daily routine it must be.

A year later,

I have much to reflect on,

As the year closes day-by-day,

I wonder what would be the biggest lesson I learnt,

But that thought can wait,

For now, I will just end the year,

With a sense of contentedness,

and a heart fill with gratitude.

2020 will be one pivotal year that will go down in the book of my life. There is so much to reflect on, so much of eventful moments that just got me riding the highs and lows of my life. Much reflection is needed to synthesize this year’s life events.

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By Martin


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