A week has almost gone by since we moved into our new home. Boy, what a week it has been! The last week was extremely eventful and while there are just too many things to write about (and certainly one blog post WILL NOT BE ABLE to do justice to chronicling the week’s event) I thought I just spend some time just jotting down a few quick events that happened throughout the week – in a day-by-day format

Monday – 20th Jan

  • It was D-day. We started the the day at 9 am with our curtains being installed on the 20th morning. The day before was a massive washing of the whole unit in preparation for MOVING day
  • It was abit of a mess as all the original scheduled delivery times of our appliances went awry. That significantly messed up our schedule but we were on track to meet with the movers and have them moved our stuff from the storage hub to the wifey’s parents place before finally unloading everything at our home
  • By night, we were dead tired and the carpentry was still going on!

Tuesday – 21st Jan

  • Carpentry resumed first thing in the morning while we tried to set things up at home
  • We had a surprise visit from the little one’s godparents
  • Wifey still couldn’t use the dryer (although she hung some clothes the day before!) and we had to wait for the Samsung guys to finally come (which they much later than our original scheduled appointment)
  • My sound system went up but I had a lot of booboos and unforeseen issues to fix which was less than ideal for my installer to properly test the sound! My blu ray player decided to also RIP during this setup. Hence the limitation in setting up the sound propelry
  • Carpentry finally ended…at 12 midnight (literally)

Wednesday – 22nd Jan

  • I started the day by visiting the doctor. I had been falling sick throughout the last two days and losing my voice in the process. By the time Wednesday had come, I was in a very bad state and decided to make a visit to the doctor
  • Some sleep in the afternoon helped and I felt better as the day progressed after having my medications
  • Godma decided to drop by for another visit at night, once again admiring the house. This time the house was in better shape than it was the day before. Wifey was glowing away

Thursday – 23rd Jan

  • Back at work but my mind was on the house
  • I just had to patiently wait for the day to be over as my last meeting only ended at 7pm and I just rushed home to see the family again as soon as the day ended
  • One of the wifey’s friends dropped by to return some stuff to wifey and he too had an opportunity to take a look at the place
  • We also got our IKEA furniture and I couldn’t wait to roll out the carpet for our living room. I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Friday – 24th Jan

  • Wifey’s brother came over in the morning to help fix up and assemble the furniture for the little one’s room
  • We managed to get the bed, wardrobe and the shelves up before he left
  • We ended the day with some good ol home cooked food and watching the Joker (FINALLY!)

That was the week that was….by the time Saturday came…we celebrated CNY…in our new home. So yeah, a new year, a new home! Great start to the year (it’s still January!)

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