A few questions…(Part 1)


Earlier today evening I was watching a 1987 movie called Wall Street . It’s a pretty interesting story, telling how a young aspiring stoke broker wants to make it big time on Wall Street, and in order to make it “big time”, he relentlessly pursuits Gordon Gekko, the city’s most prominent businessman.  Bud Fox, our young friend soon find himself in climbing up the ladder of success and gaining Cavour from Gekko but at the expense of undermining his ethical and social conscience.

It got me thinking for abit on a few things.

1. Why is it so important to make it big time in one’s career life?

2. How much money is enough to satisfy one’s wallet and appetite?

3. Where are the social and moral beliefs, the personal principles and integrity, character when one puts his pursuit on the almighty $$$?

You may ask : why am I bothered suddenly with all this? Well why shouldn’t I be bothered? How is Bud Fox any different from me? Don’t we both want the same career satisfactions in our lives? Don’t we both want to fulfill of dreams? Live in comfortable lifestyle?  Yet I know deep down there is a difference between Bud Fox and me.

I gotta admit I do not have the answers to my questions above. But I am hoping to solve them over the next few posts.

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