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I decided after keeping my last theme for the last 6 years (my last wordpress theme update was done sometime in May 2013!!) it was time for a refresh; a new look. And so for days I was pouring through the net and after many nights I finally settled on typology. This is a momentous moment for me – chiefly because I actually paid some money to finally get this theme. It wasn’t cheap but I am also not inclined to update this new theme for some ages to come. As I renewed my domain and web hosting for a good 5 years just 2 years back in 2017, I figured I am gonna be blogging for the foreseeable future.

Speaking of blogging, UncannyPhilosophy is now 11 years old! Yes, my blog has survived the 2008 Financial Crises, Najib being sworn in as PM of Malaysia, Barrak Obama’s re-election campaign, my breakups and my marriage, leaving my job and starting a new job, Trump being elected and the Malaysian opposition winning the GE14 Malaysian elections, losing my mom and witnessing the birth of my son!

Gosh, I have written so much, and I suppose this new theme’s introduction was timely. It was a timely boost for me to recommit myself to spending a few minutes each day just penning down some thoughts of my daily life. I have also taken some productive steps to facilitate this such as removing my blog’s protected password and also disabling some other plugins which in the past made it a hassle for me to even blog on time. Did I also mentioned I actually paid for this theme?!

There is still much to blog, there is still much to also do up and update this site, starting with changing my logo on the top left and also just doing some VERY long-overdue housekeeping. But my hope is that this new theme, this minimalist text-heavy theme would spur me to blog.  It wasn’t easy finding a text-based theme that looks elegant in a day and age where everything is so visual. So I guess, you can say its money well spent?



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