30 Days to Go Part II


Interviews can be a nerve wrecking process for anyone. You realize that there is only so much you can prepare and the anxiety and tension that comes with all the preparation can sometimes be overwhelming. And here I was, in Singapore originally scheduled to meet the partner of my former company and now I had to prepare for another one. And to throw a gauntlet and make thing more complicated I had to attend to the new interview first before our I would make way to attend the one with my former company.

And so of I went, making my way to the CBD area of Singapore. I gotta admit it reminded me a bit of new York as I made my way through the financial hub of the country. Tall skyscrapers, people with suits and ties briskly walking captured the mood and hubub of the scene. And here I was, trying to navigate and find my way.

I had gotten lost trying to find my way to the correct building. I was glad I am earlier so I didnt feel I needed to rush and panic as I tried to find the correct building. After asking the receptionist in another building, I finally found my direction. Pretty soon I was in front of my first interviewer of the day. The conversation went really well and I found myself even being open to working in this new place, given the exciting new opportunities the company was aiming for.

Within an hour, the conversation was over and pretty soon I was on my way to my next interview, which would be with my former company. As always, I was early for my interview and as such I decided to roam around the plaza mall where my company was at.  I remember as I was walking around killing time I was thinking how it would be like to be in this place. To work here. To be part of the society here and so on. For years I loathed this place because of my past experiences. I had come very close to securing a project role here only to realize that it wasn’t for me. And now how here I was once again, preparing to interview for a job. This really would be it. To prepare and do my best. To give it a go. For my life, for my wife and for our future.  Alot rested on my shoulders.

And so I went for my interview. Being in my former company’s reception brought alot of feelings. Good feelings about my previous company. And for some strange reason, I did feel I was at home. Seeing the same font type, the same bold words plastered on the walls of the reception area and the video loop that was highlighting some of the success stories the company has had with its clients was evocative and brought good memories. The interview was fairly pleasant and it was great seeing the Partner again.

However towards the end I didn’t know what to make of it. I thought the job would be surely secured but I was left “feeling” that there is a possibility I may not get it. I felt down and low. I mean was this all they had to offer me? I remember talking about this with Ms. Somewhat. The poor girl had taken time out from her lunch to be with me and I felt really bad for being a spoiled brat sulking away thinking life is over and that  I was screwed. As always, she patiently encouraged me to not lose hope.

While I was a little sad, I remember returning back that day itself in the airport not sure what to make of what had happened. I returned home that day and for the rest of the week, I focused on my studies. It was an eventful week for me nevertheless, flying in on a Tuesday (21 June) and staying at Bugis hotel. I remember that Monday evening, I went for mass and I got the call from the other company to come and meet up with the interviewer the next day. Then preparing for the 2 interviews the next day and attending them back to back before flying back that same evening (June 22).  Little did I know the next week would be another eventful week.


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